Syllabus: Blogs – a disruptive technology come of age?

Phillip Long writes about blogs.

The desire to communicate is powerful and technological innovations are frequently driven by our basic needs. After all, e-mail was developed by Internet network engineers who needed to communicate about what they were doing. No one had a clue then that the text message system they hacked together was the first killer app of the new network they were building.

Blogging software makes the expression of writing, including the incorporation of hyperlinks for publishing on Web pages as easy as word processing (and, given the bloated state of today‚s word processors, I‚d say much easier). (1) Ordinary mortals with little or no knowledge of HTML can easily put their writing on the Web. People can expound ideas, describe their daily routines, or reflect on what matters to them as easily as sending an instant message.

As it turns out, I was interviewed yesterday by a writer doing a story on blogs for a magazine.

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