Chicago Tribune: Simple design computes

Jon Van reports on Bodacion Technologies, developers of Hydra, an ultra-reliable web server.

Their first offering is a unique Web server built to run for months–even years–without human intervention. It has passed early government tests, and several federal agencies anxiously await servers from Bodacion Technologies Inc., the privately held Barrington-based firm founded by Hauk and Uner.

The reason their computer cannot be hacked and won’t break down, said Hauk, is its utter simplicity. It doesn’t have an operating system–the millions of lines of code that run most Internet computers–but relies instead upon a “kernel” of just 4 kilobytes of code. The computer is stripped of bells and whistles, relinquishing some flexibility to enhance reliability. Bodacion’s philosophy of “less is more” is a radical departure from the other computers that support the Internet.

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