Adobe Acrobat: Stupid Bug

I wish Adobe would get its act together re: Acrobat. Over the last 18 months, I’ve had this problem several times — after having to re-install Windows XP for one reason or another. I re-install Acrobat and, guess what, it fails to generate PDF files when requested. The link points to a support item which describes how to fix this bug. I’m talking about the full version of Acrobat, not Acrobat Reader.

A colleague of mine just installed Acrobat — and immediately had the same problem. It took me another 15 minutes Googling around to find this fix again (thus my putting this item on my weblog so I can find it more easily the next time I need it!)

For the life of me, why did Adobe architect this thing so that they need a tray process running or else Acrobat would hang during the distillation process? Who’s in charge of software engineering and quality assurance at this place anyway? How can you ship this nonsense?

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