Newsweek: Living in the Blog-osphere

Steven Levy writes about weblogs. His blog about writing about blogs is here.

The next wave seems to be corporate blogs. „Right now it‚s guerrilla [among Fortune 500 firms],‰ says John Robb, president of UserLand Software, who cites experiments at DuPont, Intel, Motorola and Nokia.

„A few years ago you wouldn‚t see a CEO typing˜now they‚re doing e-mail,‰ says Ray Ozzie, the CEO of Groove Networks who recently began a Weblog. „Maybe the next generation will be doing blogs.‰

Longtime blogger “Dave Winer” thinks that they‚ll have to, since customers will demand it. „The ability to write will be a requirement of every CEO˜or legislator,‰ he says. (Maybe the verbally challenged can hire ghost-bloggers.)

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