Today’s News Stories A useful

Today’s News Stories

A useful .Net technology map from Microsoft.

Al Zollar, CEO of IBM’s Lotus, is interviewed here and here. His comments about “authentication convergence” are interesting as are his comments on peer-to-peer.

“Peer-to-peer is a bunch of baloney in terms of it being a collaboration architecture. There’s this notion that [in peer-to-peer] there’s no server. If you look underneath Groove’s architecture, it’s a server that just happens to be on Groove’s premises, right? So, the connection, and real-time update of the “peer participants” is actually being coordinated by a server. It kind of proves that point that I make when I talk to customers about this stuff. That is, the model of the Internet is a server-centric model. But, it is orchestrated by individuals at the end points.”

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