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Skater in Old Town – San Diego

Skater - San Diego - 2013

Doug Kaye and I got to San Diego thinking we might have some opportunities to shoot while we attended Dan Margulis’ workshop. As it turned out, Dan is quite a taskmaster – in a very good way – and we only had our first evening to head out for shooting.

We headed first to Old Town – and I caught this skater as he zoomed past while we were sitting on a bench.

iPhone 5 Photography VSCO Film

Inbound on I-5

San Diego

Doug Kaye and I were heading from Old Town to the Gas Lamp district in downtown San Diego when this aircraft appeared overhead inbound to San Diego’s Lindbergh Field.

Doug was driving and I was “mapping” when I saw the plane coming. I was able to fire off one iPhone shot – admittedly a bit blurry at that! Hardly perfect – but a fun memory all the same. Stylized a bit using VSCOcam. Tweaked a bit using the Shake Reduction filter in Photoshop CC.

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The Dancer at Old Town

Dancer - Old Town - 2013

While Doug Kaye and I were exploring Old Town San Diego last week, we came across a group of dancers doing their thing on a stage in front of a small crowd. Everyone was having a lot of fun – the dancers, the audience and Doug and I trying to capture a couple of good shots!

It was a delightful late afternoon!

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Delight in Old Town – San Diego

Delight - Old Town - 2013

The afternoon before our workshop with Dan Margulis, Doug Kaye and I checked into our hotel and then headed to Old Town.

We had a great time – in the late afternoon light – exploring this great state park. Along the way, we came across some great interiors – shops along the way. This was a great example – we walked into this shop and were met with this wonderful smile – and she loved posing for our attempts to capture her image. I was shooting with my Fujifilm X100S.

I put this image through the full Dan Margulis treatment – color correction, luminosity adjustments, and color enhancement. A bit of sharpening and shadow saturation reduction finished it up.