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Lone Rower on the Willamette

On the Willamette - Portland - 2011

Back in August, I wrote about this earlier shot I took along the banks of the Willamette River in downtown Portland, Oregon. That image was a very tight crop of a much larger shot I took with my Canon PowerShot S95.

The original photo can be seen below – with the lone rower far away! But I loved how he looked in this shot – looking over his right shoulder with his oars at the ready. It thought he was a great shot – but he was so far away!

For this version, I first cropped the image and then used OnOne Software’s Perfect Resize 7 to resize the image back up to about 3000 pixels wide. I then used Nik’s Viveza 2 to adjust the saturation and structure of the rower and his boat along with Color Efex Pro 4 to tweak detail definition and contrast. Topaz Simplify helped me deal with the water in the foreground – smoothing it out just enough to still be realistic but not too noisy.

Click on that image above to see the larger version – hope you enjoy it!

Here’s that original shot:

IMG 2006

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In a Corner of the Japanese Garden

Japanese Lantern - Painterly - by Scott Loftesness

As I was heading back to the airport in Portland yesterday, I stopped by the beautiful Japanese Garden in Washington Park on the hills west of Portland. This particular image captured my eye as I explored the beauty of this place.

I captured it using my tiny Canon PowerShot S95 as a single shot RAW image and then manipulated it using a combination of Photomatix Pro and Photoshop CS5. The key filter I played with in adjusting this image was the Adobe Pixel Bender filter in OilPaint mode.

In keeping with the garden’s photography policy, this image credits the “Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, OR“.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Carlton F. Bond at the Pearson Air Museum

Carlton F. Bond - Pearson Air Museum - Fort Vancouver, WashingtonBefore leaving for home last night, I headed across the Columbia River from Portland for a quick visit to the Pearson Air Museum at Fort Vancouver.

The air museum is situated in a lovely spot for an airfield – in fact, there’s still an active general aviation airport just next door.

Inside, the museum has a number of museum quality aircraft on display but perhaps the most interesting exhibit was devoted to flight simulation. In a room with about 25 individual flight simulator computers, there was a very active group of youngsters – boys and girls – piloting their aircraft up into the wild blue yonder. Lots of fun to just observe! Let’s hope some of them become real pilots soon enough!

Screen Shot 2011 08 11 at 7 55 35 AM

This image of Carlton F. Bond comes from a shot I took with my tiny Canon PowerShot S95 of his statue outside as I was leaving the museum. Bond had been commanding officer of Pearson Field back in the 1930’s. I loved how his statue is placed relative to the front of the hanger and the apron out front. I post-processed this image – a single RAW – using Photomatix Pro and Photoshop. I used a series of Nik Software filters in Photoshop to create the antique effect for this image – see the filters on the right.

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Lone Rower

Into the Fog - on the Willamette - by Scott Loftesness
I’m in Portland, Oregon this week helping to teach one of our private Payments Workshops. Portland’s one of my favorite cities – especially in the summertime when the days are long and sunny.

While out walking early Monday afternoon, I came across this lone rower out on the Willamette underneath the Morrison St. bridge. The image was shot using my tiny Canon PowerShot S95 from the river walk in Tom McCall Waterfront Park. I tightly cropped the image and then applied a few filters in Photoshop – starting with the Pixel Bender OilPaint filter – to create this painterly-like image.