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Carlton F. Bond at the Pearson Air Museum

Carlton F. Bond - Pearson Air Museum - Fort Vancouver, WashingtonBefore leaving for home last night, I headed across the Columbia River from Portland for a quick visit to the Pearson Air Museum at Fort Vancouver.

The air museum is situated in a lovely spot for an airfield – in fact, there’s still an active general aviation airport just next door.

Inside, the museum has a number of museum quality aircraft on display but perhaps the most interesting exhibit was devoted to flight simulation. In a room with about 25 individual flight simulator computers, there was a very active group of youngsters – boys and girls – piloting their aircraft up into the wild blue yonder. Lots of fun to just observe! Let’s hope some of them become real pilots soon enough!

Screen Shot 2011 08 11 at 7 55 35 AM

This image of Carlton F. Bond comes from a shot I took with my tiny Canon PowerShot S95 of his statue outside as I was leaving the museum. Bond had been commanding officer of Pearson Field back in the 1930’s. I loved how his statue is placed relative to the front of the hanger and the apron out front. I post-processed this image – a single RAW – using Photomatix Pro and Photoshop. I used a series of Nik Software filters in Photoshop to create the antique effect for this image – see the filters on the right.

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