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Working - Village Pub - 2014

For the last several years, I’ve been working in the kitchen – in the kitchen of taking photos and, more importantly, making images. Photography has become a real source of joy for me over the last few years – a craft that keeps me learning.

Today was a milestone of sorts. I happened to notice that my images on Flickr have now been viewed over 1,000,000 times. I really appreciate how Flickr has served as my sort of master archive – and enjoy the feedback I get from everyone who follows my photostream there.

I put together an album of the top 10 images as measured by Flickr based on “interestingness” – you might enjoy seeing them here.

Black and White Cuba Flickr Monochrome Photography Nikon Photography Photography - Black & White Photography - Nikon D600 Portraiture

The Leader of the Band at Cafe Taberna in Havana Cuba

The Leader - Cafe Taberna - 2013

This is one of my favorite images from our trip to Cuba a year ago this week. It’s a shot of the lead singer in the band the night we were at Cafe Taberna – which plays that wonderful Ry Cooder / Buena Vista Social Club style of music. By the end of the evening, the band had us on our feet with lots of folks dancing in the aisles. Such a great memory!

I re-processed this image last night and uploaded it to Flickr. Today, it got picked up by Flickr Explore and went viral – resulting in thousands of page views and many new followers to my Flickr photostream. Pretty amazing to watch! The re-processing I did last night primarily involved a new Photoshop action being worked on by Dan Margulis which does some magic to portrait shots. I then processed it into monochrome in two steps – first using Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2 and then applied a platinum gradient map to give a gentler look to the monochrome treatment.

If you’re curious, here’s the original image straight out of the camera – my Nikon D600:

The Band at Cafe Taberna in Havana Cuba
The Band at Cafe Taberna in Havana Cuba
Cafe Taberna - Havana Cuba
Cafe Taberna – Havana Cuba
Flickr Fujifilm X-E2 Menlo Park Photography Photography - Fujifilm X-E2

First Images from My Fujifilm X-E2

Sharon Park - Menlo Park - Fujifilm X-E2

Last night, my new Fujifilm X-E2 arrived and I was able to squeeze in a few minutes this afternoon on the way home to stop by one of my favorite spots – Sharon Park in Menlo Park.

This image is a JPEG straight out of the camera. I’d set the camera up with pretty much the default settings – the only change was to shoot the JPEGs with the Velvia film emulation option – which adds color to the image. I’ve posted a few more images from the X-E2 to a new Flickr set that I just started today.

So far, I’m loving how this camera feels and works. A big attraction for me was compatibility with the menu system, etc. between the X-E2 and my Fujifilm X-100S. It’s great having both of these so capable cameras in my “nimble photography” kit bag!

Next up – trying out the 14mm f/2.8 lens on the X-E2. Looking forward!…

Flickr Monochrome Photography Photography Photography - Black & White

Milestone: 500,000 Views of My Images on Flickr

Couple - Moss Beach - 2013

For many years, I’ve been using Flickr as my “core repository” of images I share online. I’ve been loyal to Flickr through thick and thin – and Flickr has served me well.

Sometime later tonight, we’ll cross a milestone with the 500,000th view of one of my images on Flickr – an amazing number to me! I hope you enjoy my photography – and I enjoy sharing it on Flickr!

Flickr Photography

Fun with Flickr – A Home Page Collage

Flickr for SJL

I use Flickr as my “home base” for most of my photography.

After uploading a couple of new images this morning, I looked at my “home page” there and found this collage of photos I’ve added over the last few days.