On Guard – Alcatraz – 2011

On Guard - Alcatraz - 2011

Here’s another Alcatraz shot – taken with my Canon 5D Mark II in mid-day. With a bit of post-processing, this image looks like it was shot on a moonlit evening!

This image was processed in Adobe Photoshop CS5 using Nik’s Viveza 2 – to restructure the waves in the water – and then in Silver Efex Pro 2. A bit of blue toning adding to the moody, nighttime feel.

Another Look at The Rock – Alcatraz – 2011

The Rock - Alcatraz - 2011

This image is a composite of two images taken on my recent photo walk to Alcatraz with my good friend Doug Kaye.

Here are the two images used to create this one:

Guard Tower - Alcatraz - 2011The Rock Texture - Alcatraz - 2011

The guard tower was shot on a beautifully clear (and boring sky!) day – and a bit of The Rock itself captured up close – both images were taken using my tiny Canon PowerShot S95.

These two images were blended in Photoshop using a combination of Luminosity and Soft Light blend modes along with Nik’s Viveza 2, Color Efex Pro 3 and Silver Efex Pro 2 filters. I first converted the guard tower image to black and white – the blue sky was just too overwhelming and taking it to black and white neutralized it. Similarly with the the rock texture. At the very end, I dropped a little bit of light into the spot light on the tower using Viveza 2 – trying to create a small point of interest. Finally imported the resulting JPEG back into Lightroom 3 and applied a vignette.

If you’re ready to make a movie about Alcatraz, this just might be the movie poster shot!

Exploring Alcatraz

Another Brick in the Wall -Diptych - Alcatraz - 2011

This morning Doug Kaye and I headed out to Alcatraz – on a daytime tour to help Doug prepare for an upcoming evening photo workshop that he’s taking later this month.

It’s been a while since I was on “The Rock” – but it brought back lots of memories as we explored the island. My last time there I wasn’t really doing photography – and, in my experience now, I tend to slow down much more, taking a closer look at the lights and the shadows. On Alcatraz, there’s so many “crusty” shots – it was great fun!

We’re still sorting through the images we captured. When I got home late this afternoon, I did a quick import and review and was struck by this particular image shot with my tiny Canon PowerShot S95 – actually, the original out of the camera is the left half of this image. We were exploring an area of the Apartments – which has a grating on the floor above that cast this incredible shadow on to a brick wall below. I tweaked the image a bit to create the right half – and then put the two of the them – original and processed – into this diptych version. I titled it “Another Brick in the Wall” – click on the image to see a large size version.