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First try with Photoshop’s new Generative Fill

Earlier today Adobe announced a beta of Photoshop which added an AI-based generative fill capability powered by Adobe Firefly. I have been playing a bit with Firefly to generate images but this new capability integrated into Photoshop is quite remarkable.

On my morning walk this morning, I snapped this photo of Sharon Park in Menlo Park, California. I liked how the sun was breaking out of the morning marine layer and creating some interesting light.

I wished I had taken the image in a 16:9 format so that it was wider – so I brought it into the new Photoshop beta and began using generative fill to enhance the image. Specifically, I added four generative layers which took me about 5 minutes to do (most of that time was me thinking about what I wanted to change!):

  • Used the crop tool to extend the border of the image to the left – widening the image.
  • Selected the sidewalk asphalt pavement and replaced it with cobblestone.
  • Removed the other pavement in the far right of the image and replaced it with lawn.
  • Added some ducks and ducklings to the pond.

Here’s the result:

A very pleasing result! The image is far from perfect but it’s much more visually interesting that the original right out of my iPhone this morning!

I’m looking forward to exploring more of the capabilities of this generative fill feature and look forward to seeing how Adobe continues to evolve it going forward!

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