Happy Anniversary -and- Thanksgiving!

Today is the 20th anniversary of the start of my personal blog here using the domain. It all began on November 25, 2001.

In my first post, I wrote about Amazon having free U.S. shipping on orders over $99 (that’s changed since then!). In a second post that day, I wrote about an article in the San Francisco Chronicle talking about why writers enjoy living in the San Francisco Bay Area (I wonder whether that’s changed – given the current cost of living, etc. in this area!).

I had played around earlier creating a personal web page (using an early Microsoft web page editor named Front Page) but when I started this edition on November 25, 2001 I was using Radio Userland (built on Dave Winer’s Frontier). Sometime later I migrated it to TypePad and later again to WordPress.

It’s somehow appropriate that this 20th anniversary is also Thanksgiving Day here I. The United States!

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