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Morning Reading – Tuesday, January 05, 2021

How Donald Trump’s Presidency Ends – The Atlantic

A tall metal barricade has been erected at Lafayette Square, just north of the White House, and is covered top to bottom with signs—welcome proof that as Donald Trump maneuvers to defy the Twelfth Amendment and cling to power, the First is very much intact. you’re fired, one sign reads.

The Beleaguered Chroniclers of the Trump White House

“The greatest challenge in covering this White House has been to aggressively seek out the truth. But how do you strive to be fair and accurate when you’re covering a president who is calling you a traitor?”

Giant Viruses Can Change Their Hosts’ DNA – The Atlantic

Leave it to viruses, however, to keep surprising us: Giant viruses don’t just kill their hosts. In some cases, according to a recent study, they can keep their hosts alive and become part of them.

Sourav Chatterjee awarded prestigious mathematics prize – Stanford Today

“When you’re going to have this one mathematical idea that is a leap, it’s completely unpredictable,” he added. “I might be taking a shower, or driving my car. But that moment when the big idea comes, it’s just amazing.”

My best photographs of 2020 – Charlotte Gibb Photography

When I reflect on everything that happened in 2020, it is a wonder I was able to make art at all.

COVID-19 concerns: Air New Zealand crew to overnight in Hawaii instead of US mainland

Air New Zealand explains that the Hawaii stop will allow “our crew members to overnight in Honolulu rather than Los Angeles” in an effort to reduce the risk of crews catching the virus on the mainland, where positivity rates have climbed as high as 15% and up.

Electric car sales jump to record 54% market share in Norway in 2020 but Tesla loses top spot – MarketWatch

However, Tesla’s TSLA, +0.73% popular midsize model — the bestselling car in Norway in 2019 — fell to second place in 2020, losing out to Volkswagen’s VOW, +0.18% Audi e-tron with Volkswagen’s ID.3 in third.

The Beatles saved me in 1970. Can music save others in 2021? | 48 hills

I have not the slightest doubt that I survived adolescence because of four musicians I never met, but whose sounds permeated my life from the age of about 10. Two of them are still with us, though at the ages of 78 and 80 we can’t be sure for how long. They were in a band together a long time ago and you might have heard of them. Their names are Paul and Ringo.a

Dionne Warwick and Burt Bacharach on the Drama of ‘Walk On By’ – WSJ

Hal had just three lyric lines. They would become the song’s opener: “If you see me walking down the street / and I start to cry, each time we meet / Walk on by.” I came up with a melody line and we evolved from there. 

The Art of Coincidence: Street Photos of Special Accidental Moments

Because we are surrounded by coincidences, it is often difficult for us to pay attention to them. The camera is an amazing tool to preserve the moment and in the perspective of time also to infuse it with additional meanings.

5 Ways to Be Creative with Your iPad in 2021 – Holly Pixels

What was it Bob Ross said? “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” Yeah, let’s do that. 

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