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Morning Reading – Saturday, January 02, 2021

Today is one of those excellent January partly cloudies in which light chooses an unexpected part of the landscape to trick out in gilt, and then shadow sweeps it away. You know you’re alive.

Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

As Understanding of Russian Hacking Grows, So Does Alarm – The New York Times

At a minimum it has set off alarms about the vulnerability of government and private sector networks in the United States to attack and raised questions about how and why the nation’s cyberdefenses failed so spectacularly.

Airline workers face mask resistance with scant government backup – The Washington Post

As the man returned from the lavatory with a mask dangling from one ear, a flight attendant asked him to put it on properly. “Why? Is something going on that I should know about?” the passenger asked, before grabbing the mask and ripping the string. “Damn it, I guess I can’t wear it now.”

What I Ate on My Weight Loss Journey of 2020 | by Mark Suster | Jan, 2021 | Both Sides of the Table

Eating matters 10x more than working out. Both are important but as they say “you can’t outrun your fork.” In periods where I did MONSTER work outs (running 13 miles / day and still hiking afterwards) but eating more than normal I still gained weight. In periods where I worked out much less (or not at all) but stuck to my eating plan I always lost weight. It’s the simple.

Some people can eat anything and not gain a pound. How metabolism affects the calories you burn each day. – The Washington Post

If you really want to give your metabolism a jolt, the easiest way is to bump up your muscle mass and activity level. By increasing muscle mass, you’ll also increase the base number of calories needed to maintain those muscles. Instead of complaining about a slow metabolism, you can try to turn it up to be at least a bit quicker.

Seniors Can Stay Fit During the Pandemic With Basic Weight Training. Here’s How. | Barron’s

Concentrate on total body exercises like deadlifts, overhead presses, and power cleans.

3 Easy Workouts You Can Do While Sheltering at Home, According to an Exercise Coach | Barron’s

A brisk 30-minute walk around the neighborhood five days a week will keep you in decent shape. If you want to get fitter, take two or three 30-second sprints during that walk.

The Benefits of Sticking to New Year’s Resolution to Work Out More – WSJ

“In the past, we ignored activity if it was not at a moderately intense level, like brisk walking, but light-intensity activity has a lot of health benefits,” Dr. Richards said, particularly for people who are sedentary.

A Monster Wind Turbine Is Upending an Industry – The New York Times

The G.E. machines will have a generating capacity that would have been almost unimaginable a decade ago. A single one will be able to turn out 13 megawatts of power, enough to light up a town of roughly 12,000 homes.

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