Black Friday 2020

Morning Nuggets – Friday, November 27, 2020

by Scott Loftesness

Live It Up – HumbleDollar

Let me offer some advice you won’t hear elsewhere: Go ahead and splurge

Black Friday is here — and it’s completely different – The Washington Post

“We can’t lose sight of the fact that, fundamentally, everything has changed. Will there be more stimulus money? Will people be shy about spending? We just don’t know.”

Holiday Shopping Moves to the Couch, Mostly: Black Friday Update – Bloomberg

With sparse crowds and none of the stampedes of holidays past, some retail watchers started to refer to Black Friday as Blasé Friday instead — and that was even before the virus hit.

Eroding coast paves way for ‘managed retreat’ in California – Los Angeles Times

Here at Gleason Beach, once referred to as Malibu North, the beach gets drowned during high tide. Bits of concrete and rebar are all that remain of 11 clifftop homes that have already surrendered to the sea.

Why Did So Many Americans Vote for Trump? – The New York Times

Three factors — the logic of partisan polarization, which inaccurate polling obscured; the strength of the juiced pre-Covid-19 economy; and the success of Mr. Trump’s denialist, open-everything-up nonresponse to the pandemic — mostly explain why Democrats didn’t fare better.

Trump’s Refusal to Concede Wasn’t Some Sideshow – The Atlantic

A democracy at grave risk one day cannot be pronounced healthy the next.

The Inside Story of Michigan’s Fake Voter Fraud Scandal – POLITICO

At a low point in his party’s existence, with much of the GOP’s leadership class pre-writing their own political epitaphs by empowering Trump to lay waste to the country’s foundational democratic norms, an obscure lawyer from west Michigan stood on principle.

TSA screens record number of travelers on Thanksgiving eve – The Washington Post

The number of travelers flying Wednesday was half of what it was on the day before Thanksgiving in 2019, before the coronavirus was a threat in the United States.

‘It’s finally got to rural America’: coronavirus surges in Dakotas – Financial Times

South Dakota has a positivity rate of more than 43 per cent of those tested, according to Johns Hopkins University. That is among the highest in the nation and compared with about 3 per cent in New York.

What’s a Semi-Log Plot and How Can You Use It for Covid Data? – WIRED

If you have data that spans a very wide range of values (different orders of magnitude) then you pretty much have to create a semi-log plot so that you can see all of it.

Take A Look At This Documentary About The Skunk Work’s History And The Birth Of The SR-71 Blackbird – The Aviationist

About the Blackbird on this Black Friday!

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