Thanksgiving Monday 2020

Morning Nuggets – Monday, November 23, 2020

Welcome to a new week as we near the end of 2020! Today is Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan.

Photo by Scott Loftesness

Now comes the hardest part: Getting a coronavirus vaccine from loading dock to upper arm – Washington Post – The stakes are enormous. The massive undertaking to immunize most of the population requires extraordinary communication, planning and coordination. 

What to Know About California’s Vaccine Rollout – New York Times – “Don’t anticipate or expect that you can go down to a local pharmacy anytime in this calendar year and likely get a vaccination.”

Productive Uncertainty – Jerry Neumann – It’s tempting, as a venture investor, to back companies developing amazing new technologies. But this often doesn’t work out as well as investing in companies that are using existing technologies in a new way.

7 things we just learned about Sequoia’s European expansion plans – TechCrunch – Sequoia now believes Europe is producing market leaders ahead of Silicon Valley.

Expert advice on the near future of cheap travel – SFGate – The most surprising and deepest discounts have been those summer flight deals to Europe. Cheap summer flights to Europe in July and August are almost unheard of.

Bitcoin Trades Again Near Record, Driven by New Group of Buyers – Wall St. Journal – The rally has attracted a wide cast of characters, from the Wall Street billionaires Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller to momentum investors who aim to ride winning assets higher and losing markets lower.

Paypal CEO Schulman Say He’s Bullish on Bitcoin as a Currency – CoinDesk – Schulman said central bank digital currency is a global inevitability. As that happens, “you’ll have more and more utility happen with cryptocurrencies,” he said. – See also: Bitcoin Shortage? Pantera Thinks Market Rally Driven by PayPal Buys

Barack Obama’s A Promised Land — the thrill of the journey  – Financial Times – Once he reaches the White House, however, Obama’s storytelling arc hits a plateau. Some of the life drains from the writing.

Every Thanksgiving, my mental health strategy is recalling memorable, personal moments – Washington Post – So it goes with me every Thanksgiving. Call it my mental health strategy. I compile a highlights reel featuring the moments in my life I hold most dear.

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