In the moment at 101 California

Scott Loftesness
Scott Loftesness

My photo buddy Doug Kaye caught me in the moment while we were both shooting in the bright Friday morning light in the plaza at 101 California in downtown San Francisco.

This plaza is a place we return to frequently – it’s just a delight – and the light is constantly shifting and moving across a tapestry of interesting people either traversing or taking a break and pausing for a few minutes. It’s one of those “life is good” kind of places.

Obviously, as Doug’s image shows, I was having a great time! One of these days I might get around to washing my jacket – it’s been all over the world with me and I’ve resisted “cleaning things up”!

3 Replies to “In the moment at 101 California”

  1. Looks like a good time. I’ll be out to SF June 8-12 for the StreetFoto festival. Anywhere else you’d recommend for some good shooting while I’m in town.

  2. Hi Scott: nice shot.
    It’s Mark here, from the Valerie Jardin Rome workshop. It’s looking like I should be in SF on Friday 16th September, so I’ll drop you an email nearer the time to see if a photo walk might be possible.
    All the best!

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