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Memories of My Early Days at IBM

IBM System 360 Model 30 - Computer History Museum - 2014

Yesterday we taught a Bitcoin payments workshop at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. It was fun talking about the future of payments and virtual currencies in such a setting – with rooms full of vintage hardware on the floor below! It also reminded me that we need to be thinking about creating a “Payments History Museum” someplace on the planet!

The new Revolution exhibit at the Computer History Museum is stunning – beautifully laid out and thematically organized. One of the areas is devoted to “Mainframes” – and, as I came into that area, this IBM System/360 Model 30 was on display.

I have many fond memories of the Model 30 – I probably logged more hands-on datacenter time on the Model 30 than any other mainframe. While it was primarily a DOS machine, I’d also put together a trimmed down version of OS/360 which I could also run in the limited memory of the Model 30.

Seeing this “beauty” brought back lots of memories!…

Both of these images were quickly grabbed with a Fujifilm X-T1.

Think - Computer History Museum - 2014

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