Photography San Francisco/California

The Queen Mary 2 enters San Francisco Bay – 2007

Queen Mary 2 - San Francisco - 2007

Almost seven years ago, the Queen Mary 2 sailed beneath the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco Bay. It was a beautiful early February day as she entered.

Back in those days, I was just beginning to get back into photography – shooting with my first DSLR – a Canon 30D. I’d actually lost the original images from this day – back in those days I wasn’t yet using Lightroom and the images weren’t in my Lightroom catalog. A bit of sleuthing with Spotlight helped me find the originals in an iPhoto library.

I’ve always thought that taking an Atlantic crossing on one of the Queens would be a great time. Perhaps a new entry on my bucket list?

How about you? Have you gone on an Atlantic crossing? Would love to hear your story – share it in the comments below!

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