iPhone 5s Photography

Oh MoMA!

MoMA - New York City - 2013

While we were in New York City last week, we headed to dinner at The Modern – a great restaurant adjacent to the Museum of Modern Art. We got there a bit early – and spent some time looking around the MoMA Store which is open a bit later than the museum itself.

I’m not much of a shopper – so I headed outside with my cameras – and pulled out my iPhone 5s to make this shot from across the street.

In photography, it helps to be lucky – and this shot demonstrates that – with the two guys heading into each other at the lighted tree. I had my iPhone 5s camera in HDR mode – this was the first shot the camera took. The second – HDR – shot had them in line together with the tree and was much less interesting! My photo buddy Doug Kaye commented how his eye was immediately drawn to those two guys. Great fun!

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