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San Francisco’s Magnificent Seven

Magnificent Seven - San Francisco - 2013

While exploring San Francisco’s Financial District with Doug Kaye, we came across this group of seven guys eating lunch on the steps of Bentley Reserve building on Battery Street. This is one of those lovely old classic bank buildings with columns and all.

I saw these guys as we were about to cross Sacramento Street – and captured this shot. The light was wonderful and they were having fun. Sometimes you get lucky – and this time I did with the look on the faces.

I decided to process this image using a simplification technique that removes details and enhances the overall structure of the image. It helps remove distracting details and often delights. This time it did.

Shot with my Fujifilm X-E2 and post-processed using Topaz Simplify 4 and Photoshop CC.

Doug captured a straight-on shot of these seven – here’s his image!

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