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A Perfect Spot for a Company Meeting – San Francisco’s Embarcadero

Company Meeting - San Francisco - 2013

As Doug Kaye and I were walking back toward San Francisco’s Ferry Building – and lunch at one of our favorites, Slanted Door – we passed this group enjoying themselves along the wall. I took a quick shot with the Fujifilm X-E1 I had borrowed from Doug and we walked on. I have no idea whether this crew is actually a company meeting – but it’s fun to think that it might be!

I mentioned to Doug that seeing them reminded me of one of my favorite shots from a trip to New York City several years ago – I called it “Bookends“.

Tonight I processed this a bit differently. I put it through the simplification process that actually removes detail from much of the image – in this case everything below the horizon was “simplified” using these techniques.

You might not notice it – but if you look closely you’ll see a sailing ship heading west abeam Treasure Island. Good fun along the waterfront in San Francisco!

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