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Saturday at the Ranch

At the Pond - SMIP Ranch - 2013

Earlier this year we began getting a weekly delivery of fresh farm produce from a local grower in the hills west of Woodside. It’s been a delight to have this fresh produce each week!

This weekend, we took a short drive over to see the farm and to meet the couple that cultivates this wonderful farm.

I took my Fujifilm X100S along – along with my new iPhone 5s – and snapped a few pictures while we were there. The image above is from the X100S – it’s a shot of the pond that is spring fed and used for the irrigation of the five acre farm. A beautiful spot on a Saturday morning!

The two shots below are different interpretations of an image I shot with my iPhone 5s just to the right of the earlier image. The images were edited using iPhone applications in the phone and then uploaded to Flickr. I like both of them – but the second one – with the more antique look and toning – is my preference.

All of these images are very peaceful to me. They delight in a most subtle but satisfying way. Hope you like them too!

Waiting - SMIP Ranch - 2013


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