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The Dancer

The Dancer - Havana - 2013

Here’s the next image in my Faces of Cuba portfolio.

One evening while we were in Havana we took in the show at the Tropicana. I was lucky – brought along an 85mm f/1.8 lens for my Nikon D600 – and we had seats that matched the reach of the 85mm lens perfectly. It was a great show! And she was a great dancer – I just love her look in this image!

2 replies on “The Dancer”

Yes, on the cutting room floor!…

Seriously, when I got the idea of doing a “Faces” series, I went back through all of my Cuba shots with an eye toward images with faces – and, in particular, sharp images. This one popped out. I had never processed it – but I thought it might make a beautiful monochrome treatment given the dynamic range in the image. It was great fun to process!

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