Living Photography Photography - Nikon D600

Slowing Down

Sunrise - South Sister - 2013

Slowing down. It’s part of shooting landscapes – especially when you’re waiting for that early morning or late evening sunlight to work its magic.

Photography is so interesting to me because of the many different opportunities that it presents. Street photography – handheld and in the moment – is very different from landscape photography – on a tripod during those golden hours.

It feels different. There’s a different kind of satisfaction between these modes. Until last weekend’s shoot in Bend, Oregon, I hadn’t done much landscape photography since last fall’s workshop with Michael Frye in the eastern Sierra. My time in Havana in late January was all about street photography. Being quickly wired to shoot.

Last weekend brought me back – slowing down – being patient and waiting for the light. It’s wonderful being in the moment! It’s almost a right/left brain kind of thing – but both of these modes are more on the right side of the brain for me. Just different.

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