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Up Where Parker Ranch Meets the Sky…

Lone Tree #2 - Parker Ranch - 2013

There are so many beautiful places – even in our own backyard. It’s about seeing them in the moment when we’re there.

Fortunately, we have these amazing magic boxes in our pockets that help to us capture these magic moments – so we can go back to them – again and again.

A big part of my love of photography is how it takes me back to these places, these moments – to so many places I’ve been and back those moments that are deep in my memory. That image the camera snaps in the moment helps us go back, remember that special time, that light, those colors, even those smells.

There’s a special place on the big island of Hawaii where Parker Ranch meets the sky. On a drive back from Hawi, we came upon it – and for me it will always be captured in this image. A lone tree in a pasture up there where the ranch meets the sky.

Breathe deeply – and those memories flood in!

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