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Exploring Photoshop CC’s Shake Reduction Filter, Upright Feature and more…

I’ve begun playing a bit with some of the new features in Photoshop CC (even after complaining about it so loudly!)

One of the new features is the Shake Reduction filter (found under Filter/Sharpen/Shake Reduction). Here’s an example of what this can do using an image I shot recently with my iPhone 5. I thought I was holding the iPhone pretty steady – but it’s an indoor shot and the camera probably had to adjust – the metadata says the shutter speed was 1/20th of a second – clearly not ideal for a handheld shot.

iPhone 5 - Camera Shake

In addition to have some camera shake, the image isn’t very will lined up – although I sure thought it was at the time I took it! So, in creating this final image, I also used the new Upright feature that’s included in Camera Raw 8.1 – which, in yet another new feature, can now be run on a layer INSIDE Photoshop – pretty cool!

So, 3 quick steps in Photoshop CC, a bit of noise reduction and a touch of sharpening both added back in Lightroom 5 produced this significantly improved version of that original iPhone 5 image:

2013-06-30 11.41.42-Edit-2

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