Remembering the US Navy’s Blue Angels

Echelon Departing - Blue Angels - 2009

On this Memorial Day, I was looking back through some old photos I had taken a few years ago.

I came across this particular image (from a 2009 airshow in Salinas, California) – and it struck me. In the context of our country’s current affairs – the gridlock and sequester resulting from our representatives in Washington, DC – seeing this Blue Angels echelon parade departing seemed unfortunately poignant.

Since the sequester took effect, the Blue Angels – and the Air Force’s Thunderbirds – have been grounded. As a country, we can no longer afford having them fly.

Over the years, I’ve come to really appreciate the Blue Angels – their precision, how they represent themselves, their pride and excellence – and how they carry on their mission handed off from those who came before. To me, they epitomize many of the ideals worth aspiring to.

On this Memorial Day evening, let’s appreciate that excellence – and try to get them flying again. Their spirit is our spirit.

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