Lab Color Photography Photography - Canon 5D Mark II

Fall Colors in the Eastern Sierras – The Golden Road

Golden Road - Lee Vining - 2012

In this image, I’m putting to use some new techniques learned in a Photoshop workshop with Mark Lindsay. Doug Kaye and I had very much enjoyed an earlier workshop with Mark last fall and we were looking to learn even more.

The basics of the technique used in this image involve the following workflow:

  1. Color cast adjustment – using info points and Lab color indications to neutralize blues.
  2. Luminosity adjustment – using channel curves to add contrast and detail into the most interesting areas of the image.
  3. Lab color – using the Multiply blend mode technique along with a luminance channel layer mask to enhance the colors.
  4. Sharpening – by going back to RGB and using Unsharp Mask to apply “hiraloam sharpening” – hi radius, low amount.

The original image I started with had a substantial blue cast on the trees. In this version, the colors are much more accurate.