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Sequence @ Stanford

Sequence @ Cantor Arts Center - Stanford University- by Scott Loftesness

This afternoon I visited the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford to see the new Sequence sculpture by Richard Serra that had just been installed. Cantor is exhibiting this amazing work until 2010 when it will be moved to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

The image above is a single image HDR shot using my tiny Canon PowerShot S95. The image was post-processed as a single RAW using Photomatix Pro and then tweaked a bit in Photoshop before uploading it here.

While the colors are over saturated a bit compared to “real life”, I just love how this image turned out. The shades of color, the gradations, and the lovely curves all make this a very special image for me – and hopefully for you!

More of my Sequence photos are available here. Here’s a 2 minute video of my walk thru the sculpture:

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