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Giving Back – Charles Cramer on Photography!

Last night, I attended a talk by landscape photographer Charles Cramer at the Palo Alto Art Center.

I’ve been to a lot of talks – but this one was remarkable! The venue was packed – standing room only. If you ever have a chance to hear Charlie present, you MUST go!

The first part of Charlie’s talk was a deep look back – at how he got started, the intertwine between music and photography, his early experiences in Yosemite with Ansel Adams, and his early “love” (!) of dye transfer prints.

The second part of his talk was all about helping us understand how our photographs are perceived – on our screens vs. in our hands when we see the prints. His emphasis on context – and how our eyes see in context – was really, really useful. Dingy vs. great images, that kind of thing. Very helpful.

Key takeaways for me: be sure to consider your images in the context of white borders, don’t be afraid to move the light around in the image, and develop your esthetic sense.

Charlie gave back a lot to us last night. It was a wonderful evening indeed!

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