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Yosemite’s Half Dome in Winter Color

Half Dome with Family from Cook's Meadow - Yosemite - Version 3 - Single Image HDR by Scott Loftesness

Last week, in my post The Real Yosemite, I featured a black and white version of this image. I’ve written previously about the “power of black and white” – and really enjoy that first version I posted.

There’s something special about this image – the immensity of Half Dome towering over everything and that family with the little one out playing in Cook’s Meadow.

Tonight, I did some additional work with this same image (shot in RAW on my Canon 5D Mark II) – trying both a black and white conversion using Aperture 3 (instead of Lightroom) and a single shot HDR version processed using both Photomatix and Lightroom – which is what you see above.

I find both of the black and white images and the color version to be equally beautiful – but obviously different. The images evoke different moods for me – I find the black and white images being more contemplative and the color more here and now.

What do you think?

One reply on “Yosemite’s Half Dome in Winter Color”

Tough call. I like them both. The color version is all about Half Dome. You don’t really notice the family. Your eye is pulled to the mountain, then the sky and then maybe the trees. The B&W version tells a story, however, so that may be my favorite. There’s lest contrast separating the sky and the mountain, so neither of those stands out quite as much as in the color shot. And the B&W one looks more peaceful/pastoral. Yeah, I like it better.

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