Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, Be Vulnerable

Garr Reynolds wrote recently about a TED presentation by Dr. Brene Brown. He titled his post “We don’t seek your perfection, only your authenticity.” Garr’s been on the theme of presenting naked for a while – and Brown’s presentation really dovetails with that theme. Presenting naked is, after all, much about being vulnerable.

Brown’s presentation on “the power of vulnerability” is a wonderful drill down into vulnerability – about how it’s the core and from which good things happen. Be sure to watch her presentation – it’s well worth the 20 minutes.

As she was wrapping up, I was reminded of a parallel theme back from the commencement speech that Steve Jobs gave at Stanford a few years ago.

He ended that talk with a bit of advice: “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

Brown makes me want to add a third theme to that great advice: “be vulnerable.”

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