iPhone 4 Photography

Juicy Orange

I’m continually amazed at the photos that the iPhone 4 takes – and this is just the latest example.

Last Sunday, we had a particularly nasty rainstorm rolling through the San Francisco Bay Area. I had a mid-day flight to catch and, before I left for the airport, I took Lily outside one last time.

Walking back into the house, I happened to notice this orange hanging on the orange tree right off our deck. The colors and the water droplets really caught my eye. I pulled my iPhone 4 out of my shirt pocket and took the shot – with the umbrella (yes, it was still coming down!) and Lily’s leash in the other hand.

Later in the week, Trey Ratcliff released his new iPhone app 100 Cameras – and I used the new app to tweak the image a bit more. The final result is what you see below. I love the colors and the detail – in the skin of the orange and the droplets. I think of that one dark spot as the “beauty spot”! In a word: juicy!


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