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Handheld Canon S95 HDR – Pulgas Water Temple

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Earlier this week, I visited both Filoli and the Pulgas Water Temple with my favorite new little camera, the Canon PowerShot S95, in hand. The water temple sits above the southeastern shore of Crystal Springs reservoir – at the end of the long pipeline that brings fresh water to San Francisco from the Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite National Park up in the Sierras.

At lunch earlier in the week, another friend was telling me his experience using Photomatix Pro to align the multiple exposures associated with an HDR shot. He had taken a skyline view of San Francisco in a sailboat with his Canon 5D Mark II – and was surprised at how well Photomatix did using the “align features” option.

That discussion popped into my head as I was walking around the water temple – so I quickly put the S95 into HDR mode (I have the Custom setting on the Mode dial preconfigured for HDR) and fired off a few shots. Here’s one of the best – looking up inside the Pulgas Water Temple:

Pulgas Water Temple (HDR)

You can only visit the Pulgas Water Temple between 9 AM and 4 PM weekdays. It’s not open at all on weekends. Also, note that the water temple site is going to be closed during 2011 due to construction at the site. See this article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle about the big construction project just getting underway to build the Bay Division Pipeline 5.

According to Wikipedia: “Pulgas” is the Spanish (and Portuguese) word for “fleas”, which were encountered by early Spanish explorers of the area.

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