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Canvas Print – San Francisco Skyline from Fort Point

I’ve not had much experience with printing photos on canvas – but recently decided to give the folks at Snapfish a try – due mostly to their Flickr integration.

The photo I tried was this New Years Day 2010 photo of the San Francisco skyline – as seen from Fort Point down by the Golden Gate Bridge:

San Francisco - Jan 1, 2010

I ordered an 8×10 canvas of this photo – and I was delighted with the result. This photo was post-processed using some of the techniques learned from Trey Ratcliff’s texture tutorial – and it truly looks superb on canvas!

I’ve made this photo available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. You can’t use this image for any commercial purposes (contact me if you want to) – but feel free to share/remix it as long as you provide attribution back to me here on my blog.

One reply on “Canvas Print – San Francisco Skyline from Fort Point”

hey there scott,
keep coming back to this photo of yours! i can easily say THIS is whats got me interested in HDR. and i’ve barely started learning photography since last month! digging up all info on books and techniques of HDR, incl. your much-touted trey ratcliff’s ebook! not very good reviews on amazon – most write it off as trey showing off his pics without sharing his technique! you obviously wouldn’t agree 🙂
any technique you could share with me to kick-start me into this would be highly appreciated – my goal is to do photos on canvas like this one of yours here. we have some of the most amazing landscapes here in mumbai, india, particularly period architecture which enthralls me no end and i’d love to duplicate your work on them! went thru 100s of HDR images on flickr, but haven’t seen one quite like yours! just got photomatix pro and started practising.
looking forward to hearing from you,
cheers…and hoping to see lots more of your good work.

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