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Photowalking Stanford with Trey Ratcliff

[Update: Feb 5, 2010: Here’s the Flickr group Stuck in Stanford with photos from the group that walked with Trey Ratcliff last night.]

treyratcliff-stanford.jpgLate today, in a light drizzle, about 50 photographers joined ace HDR photographer Trey Ratcliff for a photowalk on the Stanford campus. Trey’s website is the best resource for HDR photography on the planet. His new book, A World in HDR, is equally great. It was great fun to meet Trey and hear some of his tips for shooting HDR in the real world.

The weather was just mild enough for us to enjoy ourselves – and perhaps the best time was had by all inside the Stanford Memorial Church where we spent the bulk of our time. Here are two shots of mine taken inside the church using my Canon PowerShot S90 shooting HDR. These were post-processed using Photomatix Pro, Photoshop CS4 and the Topaz Adjust and Noiseware filters.

You can also follow Trey’s HDR exploits on his Stuck in Customs Facebook page. For my Canon PowerShot S90 HDR setup instructions, see this post.

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