San Francisco/California

The San Francisco Chronicle

Today, the Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle print edition arrived on our doorstep – as it does every morning.

But today, on the front page – and a few other section front pages – the Chronicle highlighted stories/columns that were only available in either the print edition that we had received – or in the so-called e-edition.

According to the Chronicle print edition, those stories/columns would be added to the edition in a few days – but they’re not available there today. Ironically, one of the front page articles behind the new “print wall” was by Benny Evangelista about how companies are listening and responding to complaints from their customers on Twitter!

Since we’re subscribers – and have been for years – to the print edition, I thought there would be an obvious option for us to get the corresponding e-edition for free.

No, no, no! The folks at the Chronicle have decided that we should actually pay extra for that privilege – near as I can figure. You’d think they’d offer an easy way for current print subscribers to also get the e-edition. But, it looks like they’ve outsourced the e-edition to a third party – who complicates the whole process significantly.

Frankly, after being treated this way, I’m tempted to just cancel the print subscription and walk away! After all, all we really want to read on Sunday is Willy Brown! One of these days, he’ll have a blog and will ditch that “old media” column of his!

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