Till Dad Comes Home!

The December 14th issue of Newsweek happened to by laying on our dining room table tonight – face down. On the back cover was a wonderful ad for the Canon PowerShot S90 titled “Can I Stay Up Till Dad Comes Home Mode” featuring the S90’s f/2.0 lens. It’s a great ad – for a great camera!

I picked up a new Canon PowerShot S90 a couple of weeks ago as a way of dealing with the rotator cuff surgery in my right arm. Today, I ended six weeks of my right arm being in a sling – but, as it turns out, I have another six weeks to wait (allowing the pins to set further) before beginning serious physical therapy to rehab my shoulder muscles.

Meanwhile, I can now just barely deal with the S90 in my right hand – but it’s made much more manageable by last week’s addition of Richard Franiec’s S90 Custom Grip. Highly recommended!

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