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VeriSign’s Email Certificates Work!

Last week I posted – in frustration – about Thawte’s decision to exit the Personal E-Mail Certificate business. They did so for pretty obvious reasons – why give away free certificates – as they had done for years – while bearing the costs of supporting them, etc.

As part of the transition, Thawte offered a 1 year free VeriSign Class 1 Individual certificate – and I had grumbled that the VeriSign issuance process didn’t seem to work well on my Mac. I was wrong.

Looking at my Keychain, the new VeriSign certificates were issued correctly and installed in my Mac’s Keychain. To use them, I needed to “untrust” my Thawte certificates and, once I did so, they started working fine for signing and encrypting in my Mac’s

Bottom line: I’m sorry to see Thawte exit this business but I understand why they did so. I appreciate VeriSign’s generosity in making a 1 year cert available. But I still think all of this secure email stuff is way to hard.

If only my friends at Voltage would step up to fully supporting the Mac, I’d be a very happy camper, I’m sure!

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