Thawte/VeriSign Play Hardball – Need a New Certificate Source

For the last several years, I’ve used a Thawte Personal E-Mail Certificate to digitally sign and, where appropriate, encrypt email to my correspondents who are similarly situated. It appears that VeriSign, the parent of Thawte, has decided to abandon this personal certificate “business” – most likely because it had been provided for free for years and wasn’t contributing any revenue.

I tried to go through the VeriSign alternative that was offered – but, naturally, it doesn’t seem to work well with the Mac. Why can’t they get their act together?

So, that leaves me in a bit of a quandary. What are you doing to acquire a suitable certificate in the future?

2 replies on “Thawte/VeriSign Play Hardball – Need a New Certificate Source”

I’m in the same boat (I was a WOT registrar).
S/MIME is a very different animal from SSL. The problem is not making certificates, but having one with a widely deployed CA like the Thawte Freemail CA. Unfortunately I haven’t found a suitable replacement yet.

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