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I was going through a pile of old files last night – sorting out stuff that still needed to be shredded from stuff that was just trash. Boxes that had built up over the years. When you have space, these boxes just seem to collect. For whatever reason, last night I dealt with a few of them!

Along the way I came across a very nice congratulatory letter written to me in the early 1990’s by Jim Blanchard, then CEO of Synovus. I was working for Visa in those years and had just been promoted to EVP.

It was a simple letter that Jim sent – passing along his congratulations and cheering me on to bigger and better things! But, remember how those kinds of letters and thank you’s made all the difference in the world in terms of just feeling good?

Jim was a great member of the board of Visa for many years – and a real example of servant leadership in action. It was great fun to find his letter almost twenty years later. Reminds me again just how important random (and not so random!) acts of kindness are to others in this crazy world of ours!

And, in another box, I found the following – a Visa Time Selector. Wonder if this came in a box of Trix? 😉


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