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Update: 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid and Tires

I continue to be very pleased with my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid that I purchased almost exactly three years ago. The car now has 39,000 miles on it and continues to get 41-42 miles per gallon in the everyday routine around town driving that I do. I’ve got the “Diamond Lane” stickers on the car – no longer available – and, while I actually seldom use them, they do come in handy for those occasional rush hour trips up or down the Peninsula!

Windmills at Birds Landing with my Honda Civic Hybrid

At my last regular service a couple of weeks ago, my local dealer – Anderson Honda – noted that that “tires were shot” and needed replacement. They couldn’t handle the replacement that day (a Saturday afternoon) so I decided to take a look around at other local options.

For me, exploring the options consisted of me searching the Costco web site for their best deals/recommendations and then also asking a local tire shop highly recommended by a good friend to see what they’d quote.

It took me about 2 minutes to review the Costco options – and another 2 minutes to send in an email request for a quote from the local shop (Five Points Tire Imports in Redwood City). In the process, I’d decided on the Michelin HydroEdge as the tire I wanted.

When you order online from Costco, they ship the tires to the nearest Costco – takes 5+ days or so – and then you need to schedule the local installation. Meanwhile, Five Points got back to me with what seemed like a very fair “out the door” price for the tires mounted/balanced/etc. I emailed them yesterday afternoon to schedule the install for today – and took the car in at lunchtime. An hour later, it was ready to go (thanks Manny!).

We’ll see how these new Michelin’s do with respect to fuel economy on the Civic Hybrid. Meanwhile, what I have noticed immediately is that the ride is considerably better than on my “worn out” tires! Five Points suggests rotating the tires on this car every 5-7,000 miles – and does so for free. I’ll try to remember to take them up on their offer!

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We’ve been using 5 points for 20 years… I trust them so much I don’t bother asking the price. They’ve talked me out of putting new tires on my Ford Hybrid twice now – opting for a $12 patch over a $300 set of new tires. Good guys…

Is there a reason that you didn’t go with the Bridgestone Insignias that offers ? I ask because the Insignia is one of the OEM tires per Honda. What I’m confused by is the fact that Costco’s web site offers what seems to be the same tire under three sku numbers.
But as to the tires you got, have you noticed a milage difference ? (I’m not a fanatic at all, but I’m researching)

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