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Painting Stanford with Donald Neff

My friend Donald Neff and I visited Stanford this morning for a fun exploration of painting and photography. Don’s quite an accomplished landscape artist and, while I rarely pick up a brush, I’ve got way too much photographic gear to just sit by and watch!

We picked a spot inside the quad and I took a “reference photo” which Don looked at briefly and then began to sketch and paint. We wanted to see a comparison of the same scene – painting and photo – more on that later! Don took this picture of me shooting our “subject” in the Quad. Here’s Don’s blog post on today’s “Stanford Shootout!

Don and I worked together at a couple of points in our careers in the payments world. Here’s a photo of Don hard at work inside the quad at Stanford!

Donald Neff painting at Stanford University

Below is an example of one of my HDR photos (High Dynamic Range) taken with the Canon 5D Mark II using +/1 2 stop Automatic Exposure Bracketing on a monopod.


And another HDR shot of one of Rodin’s Burghers of Calais in the Stanford Quad.

Stanford Quad - Rodin's Burghers of Calais

The full set of HDR photos I took inside the Stanford Quad are here.

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