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Aperture vs. Lightroom – Redux

Just looked back at my archives and noticed that last year in late March I attended Apple’s Aperture World Tour in San Francisco.

As I wrote at the time, the new Aperture 2.0 had become my standard photo management software again after a fling with Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom.

Later in 2008, Adobe introduced Lightroom 2 – and, most recently, Lightroom 2.3 – and I migrated back to Lightroom from Aperture. Frankly, Lightroom’s gradient filter and adjustment brush were the reasons I shifted away from Aperture 2.0 – as great a photo management product as it is – to Lightroom.

Because Aperture is so much more tightly integrated into other apps on Mac OS X (via the Media Browser), I’m hoping for an Aperture 3.0 announcement sometime this year with some great new features (like iPhoto’s new Faces and Places, for example!). And, naturally, I’m hoping that some of Lightroom’s adjustment capabilities also show up in a new version of Aperture.

Bottom line: I’d REALLY like to move back to Aperture – but Apple has work to do to eliminate the current feature gap between Aperture and Lightroom.

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Funny, after half a year with Aperture (after switching from LR1, PC version too slow, PC burned in flames, so I moved everything to my new MBPro…) I now sit and have both LR and Aperture open. I will have to reimport all my stuff to LR2 due to the following subjective reasons:
a) Proper import setting Year/Month/Day that keeps my files in order (and I can see them right from LR)
b) Selective retouching tools (a winner)
c) The metadata iTunes-like filtering in grid view, “most easiest”!
Why I hesitate? I will certainly miss the one-click synchronisation with MobilMe gallery where I share all my pics. I will have to do it through some export-import workaround which is potentially messy.
So I was just looking around for some tips and opinions that might help. Yours did.

have you considered extending aperture functionality via plugins produced by nik and onOne? there are a number of easy ways to produce gradients and enable control points (viveza) which allow for saturation/contrast/brightness. I realize you pay lots of money for a product and want it to give you all these options out of the box, but … if you really want to return to aperture, these plugins may help until a new version is available.

I am holding off on purchasing either Aperture or Lightroom because I am hoping the next release of Aperture will offer an Adjustment Brush. I have used it in Camera Raw and the fact that this doesn’t exist in Aperture prevents me from buying it.

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