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Riding Shotgun

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, when our mutual schedules permit, Lily and I take a short early morning drive over to Chris Gulker‘s house so that we can take a 1.5 mile walk together. We’ve gradually been kicking up the pace – I think this morning we actually set a record time!

Lily Riding Shotgun

The walk feels great – gets me a nice incremental dosage of weekly exercise (that I undoubtedly otherwise wouldn’t get). Chris and I always solve many of the world’s problems along the way – and really enjoy each others company!

Lily benefits from all that exercise too – so many new smells! – and she’s always very excited about heading to Chris’ house. This morning, for some reason, she had her head up looking out the window almost the whole way over. This picture of her (appropriately blurry and noisy!) captures some of her excitement – as she rides “shotgun”.

PS: Don’t worry about her being loose in the car – she’s always in her crate for anything beyond this few block ride!

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