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San Francisco Chronicle Re-Design


Today, the San Francisco Chronicle launched a new redesign – as the paper entered its 145th year of publication. More color, new section designs and layouts, and new fonts were part of the change.

The paper says it’s moving to new, higher-definition printing technology in June – “that will dramatically improve the paper’s reproduction and color capability.”

I liked the new look of the paper. While we continue to have home delivery, I must say that I mostly read the Chronicle these days either directly online at or on my Kindle when I’m away from home.

Newspaper economics continue to erode. Here’s what they had to say today:

The Chronicle is losing large sums of money each week and has been for some time. The primary reason for this is a decline in advertising revenue, which once supplemented the cost of producing a newspaper. Few readers realize that it costs more than $10 to produce and deliver each copy of the Sunday Chronicle. In better times, advertising offset those costs, but that has changed.

Pretty amazing that it costs $10 to produce!

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