Exploring Photos of Norway

Stave Church – Gol, Norway

On a quiet Saturday morning, coming across this Flickr Blog post titled Norway, Sweden, and Denmark — then and now sent me off down a rabbit hole exploring both those photographs from a collection in the Library of Congress as well as more current photographs of the area around the Loftesnes home near Sogndal, Norway.

Heather set up a “then and now” topic to compare some of the old photographs with current views. This photograph is one I took at the stave church in Gol on June 24, 2004 during a wonderful, first-time family vacation to Norway.

That photo was taken with a Kodak DC290 – my first digital camera and one of the weirder camera designs ever!

It’s always amazing how you can get “lost on the web” – and suddenly realize, now, what was it I was starting out to do anyway!

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