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Moving Up – Canon EOS 5D Mark II

5dmark2.jpgAfter talking to a very good friend (and another Canon shooter) at breakfast earlier this week about his experiences with the new Canon EOS 5D Mark II, I decided I really didn’t have the will power to resist – in spite (or, perhaps, because) of the economy! Some other photographers have also not been able to resist!

Here are the details on this new camera from the Canon web site. If you really want to be blown away, watch this HD video shot by Vincent Laforet using this camera.

So, I splurged and ordered one from Amazon yesterday when a fresh shipment suddenly appeared in Amazon’s inventory. The 5D Mark II is an upgrade to both my old Canon 30D (now for sale on Amazon!) and my more recent Canon 40D – which I’ve been using for all of my hand-held HDR experiments of late.

The new 5D Mark II arrived late this afternoon, the battery’s been charged, the date/time have been set, and a few backyard photographs have already been taken – before the sun went down!


With warmer, sunny days predicted for the weekend, I’m looking forward to doing some exploring with this wonderful new camera – with its full-size sensor ideally matched to the collection of EF lenses that I’ve slowly been building.

We’re going to spin the photography discussions here out into a new “Scott’s photography blog” sometime soon. Getting the new 5D Mark II is a good excuse to get that project finally wrapped up and on the air!

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