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Lightroom vs Other Post-Processing Software for Photos is running a poll asking what post-processing software photographers are using. So far, based on only 40 votes, Lightroom is garnering 68% of the votes – clearly the leader. #2 is Photoshop with 23%.

2 replies on “Lightroom vs Other Post-Processing Software for Photos”

I have Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS3, but Adobe’s creeping bloat has turned me off Photoshop, and I have no plans to “upgrade” to CS4 (nor do many other users, as Adobe’s dismal sales of CS4 show). It doesn’t help that Lightroom is 64-bit on my Mac when Photoshop isn’t, despite being the new kid on the block.
The fact Lightroom is written in a modern interpreted language (Lua) rather than C++ is what gives the Lightroom team its agility and ability to deploy new features much faster then the teams stuck in the past with legacy languages and frameworks.

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